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Bratislava, 17th August 2023: Based on reviews of Google Maps users, the Devín Castle administered by the Bratislava City Museum became a top castle or palace in the region of Bratislava. Milan Zálešák, the Devín Castle Manager, received the Golden Pin – After the Traces of Slovak Castles and Palaces Award in person at the Castle. The Award as such is in the form of a pin and is based on the number of views of the searched place on Google Maps. In the following days, we introduce, after one another, each castle and palace granted this Award in every region. 

“In the Bratislava City Museum as the administrator of the Devín Castle, we have been trying to improve quality of services and visitor infrastructure and to develop the castle programme offer continuously. This is one of the ways how to make a visit to the castle site a top-quality experience. The Golden Pin Award is a certain affirmation for us that we are doing well and that we do our work properly despite various complications. That is why we appreciate and enjoy the Award very much,” says Milan Zálešák, the Devín Castle Manager, and adds: “Regarding the areas at the Castle, I would also like to bring attention to the long-term archaeological research and efforts for making the professional knowledge available for the public using modern methods. Verdure keeping and maintenance of the natural character of the site are very important for us too. 

The Devín Castle represents a unique site not only within Slovakia, but also in the broader European scale. Unique combination of rich history and beautiful nature makes the castle site a sort of magic place. Visitors of the Devín Castle often appreciate just this symbiosis, and employees of the Museum try to preserve this for the next generations. Symbolic importance of the castle and its place in the context of Slovak and Central European history are particularly important for Slovak citizens.  

“Congratulations to the Devín Castle for receiving the Golden Pin Award. Although the Award is presented by Google, it is rather recognition to the visitors of the Castle who posted positive feedback on Google Maps,” explains Iva Fialová, a spokesperson of Google for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and adds: “Google Maps can be a great assistant for trip planning and we are glad that people use it. Along with useful reviews from the visitors, users can also find here contacts or opening hours of the castle site. The Maps also offer eco-friendly routes which, thanks to the involvement of artificial intelligence, allow us to save fuel or electricity and thus reduce our carbon footprint when travelling after the beauties of Slovakia by car.” 


Eight awarded castles and palaces in Slovakia 

The Golden Pin Award was granted in Slovakia for the first time in the category of castles and palaces. The awarded cultural monuments were selected upon several criteria including the number of stars, total number of reviews, as well as correctly completed and updated profile on Google Maps and Google Search as of the end of May 2023. 

 The complete list of awarded castles and palaces from all regions will be available within the coming days. 

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