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Culture Across – Cultural Bridges through the Morava River

(2021 – 2023) 

Within the cross-border project titled Culture Across – Cultural Bridges through the Morava River co-financed from the Interreg Slovakia – Austria Cooperation Programme, the Bratislava City Museum and the municipality of Marchegg cooperate to preserve their cultural heritages and to increase awareness of the general public regarding important cultural monuments on both sides of the border. This fact will contribute to the increase of the potential visitors and attractiveness of the whole border region in the heart of Central Europe ((Marchfeld – Transmountain region – Bratislava). The project also includes restoration and renovation of historical buildings and objects in the Marchegg Palace site and of the national cultural heritage Devín Castle. Exchange of expert knowledge in the field of culture and development of cooperation between primary schools are parts of the project too.

Main goal of the project:
Maintaining, preserving, and increasing attractiveness of the cultural heritage in the cross-border region Marchfeld – Bratislava


Project budget: EUR 4,218,981.30 / 100%
Municipality of Marchegg: EUR 2,870,921.70 / 68%
Bratislava City Museum: EUR 1,348,059.60 / 32%

Financing resources: 
European Regional Development Fund: EUR 2,575,569.67
State budget of the Slovak Republic: EUR 134,805.96
Own resources – municipality of Marchegg: EUR 1,441,202.68
Own resources – Bratislava City Museum: EUR 67,402.98

Project Implementation Period:
6/2021 – 7/2023 

Project packages

  • Project Management (PB1)
  • Publicity & Communication (PB2)
  • Development of cooperation of primary schools and participation of students on the interpretation of cultural heritage (PB3)
  • Professional cooperation in the field of protecting and restoring cultural monuments and making them accessible – exchange of know-how and expert knowledge for increasing cultural potential of the cross-border region (PB4)
  • Construction or restoration of visitor infrastructure of the Marchegg manor house and Devín Castle (PB5): 

BCM’s project activities within the PB5 package:
  – archaeological research in the Devín Castle
  – reconstruction of the cover building of the Early Christian archaeological findings Cella Memoriae
  – recovery and reconstruction of historical architectures presented in the Devín Castle site
  – multilingual information and guidance system in the Devín Castle site & visitor infrastructure

  • Renovation and recovery of the adjacent buildings in the Marchegg manor house site (PB6)
  • Renovation, revitalization, and adaptation of outdoor facilities of the Marchegg manor house (PB7)

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovakia – Austria 2014-2020.