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Frequently asked questions

What is the admission fee?

The admission fee changes according to current season and availability of the castle and its expositions. For example, the interior of the castle with a permanent exposition and temporary exhibition are not available to the public during the winter season so the admission fee is revised accordingly.

You can find the current price list here.

What are the opening hours? At what time is the last entry allowed?

The final entry to the castle site is always 45 minutes before the closing time so that the visitors have enough time for the tour, and at the same time the staff may finish at the due time of the shift duration. Please, plan your visit to the Devín Castle while taking this information into account.

You can find the opening hours here.

How can I get from the public transport stop to the castle?

You can find the way from the bus stop to the castle site here

If you are already in the parking space under the castle facing the Hradná brána hotel, go to the right and after circa 50 metres head up the asphalt path towards the castle.

Can I take my dog in the castle?

All pets including dogs are prohibited entering the castle site due to hygienic and safety reasons. Guide dogs with the ID cards are exempted from this ban.

Which bus takes me to the Devín Castle?

There is a regular bus service in the city part of Devín, bus line No. 29 (also refer to here)

Where can I leave my bike (rollerblades or other means of transport)?

The bike stands where you can secure a bike with your own lock are situated at the entrance to the castle site near the ticket office. Please, consider whether to bring rollerblades or any other means of transport when planning your visit to the Devín Castle. Since currently there are no premises for their temporary storage, their owners have to take them to the tour around the castle site.

Can I bring my own drinks or food to the Devín Castle?

You can bring and consume your own drinks and food provided that you follow the Visiting Rules and keep the castle site clean. There are waste bins for separate types of waste (plastic, paper, mix) installed in the site.

A suitable place for eating and drinking are, for example, the relaxation zones offering protection from the rain and sun.

It is prohibited to eat and drink in the exhibition and exposition areas. It is prohibited to drink alcohol in the entire castle site.

What are the options for moving around the castle site for disabled persons and wheelchair users?

The wheelchair accessibility is provided in the area of the Lower and Middle Castles. The Upper Castle is accessible by stairs. Please keep in mind that some parts of the Lower and Middle Castle site contain steep ascending/descending sections that have not yet complied with the wheelchair accessible standards.


You can find the overall accessibility of the castle for disabled groups here.