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Views towards Ancient Times

The Devín Castle offers attractive views taken pictures of by the devices of a lot of tourists. But, along with the photogenic character, each of the views from Devín also brings its own story. The first of them situated to the north from the castle shows a shore of the Mesozoic Sea to which giant whales arrived for food and where ancient hippos could surf on the waves. Hippos have still behaved just like that in Africa – in Gabon. However, the ancient shore is currently exposed to rapid changes. Thanks to the recovered pasture, slopes under Devínska Kobyla return to sparse forests and varied biodiversity. The Danube River flowing to the south-west had, at the ancient times, cut its way through the mountain just at the Devín Gate and divided the previously compact mountains onto two units – the Little Carpathians and the Hainburg (formerly Hundsheim) Hills visible in the distance on the Austrian side. And finally turn to the west where the Danube River is flowing towards Bratislava. During the ages, there were the tribes, nations, and civilizations that had left significant traces in Devín moving across this territory where the European great river still keeps its character of a mountain river.