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Palace of Mikuláš from Gara

Construction of the palace was relating to the castle extension in the 15th century. The required improvement of the castle defensive capacity and extension of the dwelling premises forced the then owner Mikuláš Garay (from Gara) to build the middle castle demarcated by the western neck ditch separating the middle castle from the upper one, circumferential fortification wall, and the palace protected by the neck ditch on the eastern side. The entrance to the middle castle was protected by a massive wall ended with a semicircular tower, a small moat, and a gate with a drawbridge. A castle well had been dug in the courtyard.

The new palace on the elevated eastern edge of the courtyard had three floors and residential rooms with timber ceilings were situated both on the ground floor and on the other floors. Some of the rooms were heated by tiled stoves. Tile findings confirm presentable character of the interiors corresponding with the social status of the family.

From among original architectonic solutions, a Gothic saddle portal in the partition wall on the second floor has been preserved. A room dug in the rock vaulted by a tunnel vault was connected to the ground floor from the eastern side. Regarding its exposed position, the palace was equipped with key-shaped embrasures for handguns on its western side and it also fulfilled the fortification function, if required so.