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Castle Well

A stable water source was an important precondition for the castle defensive capacity but under the local conditions, it was not easy to dig a well. It was not before Mikuláš Garay, the then lord of the castle, who invested in building a well within the site reconstruction and had finally succeeded.

The well is 55m deep with the diameter of 2.4m. Water from the well was pumped by winching buckets hanging on a chain. The upper and bottom parts of the well are lined with sand blocks, its middle part is dug in the rock. The bottom stone blocks are laid on the wooden blocks with a hexagonal ground plan. A filtration layer of river gravel is on the bottom of the well. It is supposed that there are at least two sources of water in the well, i.e., river water from the Danube or Morava river penetrating the well through the split rock massif and water infiltrated in the cracks in the castle rock massif.

There are 772 stonemasons’ signs of 24 various types on the stone blocks. There were many iron, clay, bone, but also wooden items found in the well backfilling including stones from the original Renaissance and Gothic rim. Its current appearance is the reconstruction of the Renaissance rim.