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Dnes je zatvorené.

Nature around the Devín Castle

The territory between Devín and Devínska Nová Ves is important not only from historical and geographical points of view, but also from the natural aspect. Its biodiversity is extraordinary thanks to its position on the border of the Pannonian and Carpathian phytogeographic regions. One can find a wide scale of natural environments here – water and wetland biotopes, fluvial meadows in the Morava basin alternating dynamic biotopes of bottomland forests, forests of the Little Carpathians, as well as steppe societies of Devínska Kobyla with the Sandberg hill.

Flooded areas in this locality represent feeding grounds for storks, herons, and cormorants that fish and hunt amphibians here. Beavers and several species of bats have their homes here too. A lot of molluscs live in the shades and dead river channels. Snowdrops, lilies of the valley, irises, and water lilies with noble appearance grow here. Pheasant’s eyes and pasqueflowers flower on the meadows maintained by pasturing and one can also find several species of rare orchids here. Varicoloured European Bee-eaters are flying above Sandberg. Sandberg is also an important palaeontological locality; imprints of various shells and prehistoric animals can be found on several places.