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The Moravian Gate

In relation to the development of guns in the 15th century, Garay (lords from Gara), the then castle owners, had to modernize the defence of the lower castle so they decided to replace the bulwark fortification with a brick wall with three gates. The Moravian Gate, called after its orientation towards the Morava river, became the main entrance into the castle site on its western side.

The Gate is surrounded by two semicircular towers open towards the courtyard. The Gothic portal compiled of chiselled blocks is installed in the cavity the drawbridge used to groove into. In case of danger, the bridge could quickly be lifted up by closing the Gate. The holes in the upper corners remind of the pulleys which would lift the bridge up. There are stone consoles with semi-circular beds at the lower edge in which the bridge shaft rotated.

As proven by the grooves at the sides of the portal, another defence barrier was the portcullis. Closing the Gate from the inside was done by giant doors installed in the stone turntables. There was the moat situated in front of the Gate which is currently buried under the ground. The western section of the wall defence was enhanced by the semicircular tower on the corner where it was connected to the northern section of the bulwark.